Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Extreme Programming (XP) What's that !

XP, originally described by Kent Beck, has emerged as one of the most popular and controversial agile methods. XP is a disciplined approach to delivering high-quality software quickly and continuously. It promotes high customer involvement, rapid feedback loops, continuous testing, continuous planning, and close teamwork to deliver working software at very frequent intervals, typically every 1-3 weeks.

The original XP recipe is based on four simple values – simplicity, communication, feedback, and courage – and twelve supporting practices:
  1. Planning Game
  2. Small Releases
  3. Customer Acceptance Tests
  4. Simple Design
  5. Pair Programming
  6. Test-Driven Development
  7. Refactoring
  8. Continuous Integration
  9. Collective Code Ownership
  10. Coding Standards
  11. Metaphor
  12. Sustainable Pace

In XP, the “Customer” works very closely with the development team to define and prioritize granular units of functionality referred to as "User Stories". The development team estimates, plans, and delivers the highest priority user stories in the form of working, tested software on an iteration by iteration basis.                                                                                                                           
In order to maximize productivity, the practices provide a supportive, lightweight framework to guide a team and ensure high-quality software.

The main aim of XP is to reduce the cost of change. In traditional system development methods the requirements for the system are determined at the beginning of the development project and often fixed from that point on. This means that the cost of changing the requirements at a later stage will be high. XP sets out to reduce the cost of change by introducing basic values, principles and practices. However, for applying XP, a system development project should be more flexible with respect to changes. Because of its nature as Experts suggests as maximum of 10 programmers can ideally work in an XP project this framework unlikely to work in slightly bigger projects. 

Guys: XP is one of those famous agile driven method which works those teams where the team is self organize. So use it or not is up to the team to decide but using it will definitely has all goods involve. 
Hope the Introduction helps you am open to your views so feel free to comment as much as you can!

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