Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Way SCRUM team interact before SU :)


[07/03/12 10:22:20 AM] Gour Gopal Nandi: Good morning
[07/03/12 10:22:35 AM] Moumita Ghosh Ball: good morning..
[07/03/12 10:23:08 AM] Pushpan Chowdhury: good morning
[07/03/12 10:23:21 AM] Suman: Happy Birthday Pushpan (^)
[07/03/12 10:23:24 AM] Suman: Good morning all
[07/03/12 10:23:35 AM] Pushpan Chowdhury: Thanx you dude :)
[07/03/12 10:23:40 AM] Suman: @Pushpan if we don't get treat you will be in serious danger
[07/03/12 10:23:58 AM] Moumita Ghosh Ball: (y)@Suman
[07/03/12 10:23:59 AM] Pushpan Chowdhury: Treat without Suman, NEVER :P
[07/03/12 10:24:03 AM] Suman: Book us a place @Bangalore
[07/03/12 10:24:09 AM] Suman: Kumar and I will go there
[07/03/12 10:24:09 AM] Kumar Bibek: Hahaha,
[07/03/12 10:24:14 AM] Kumar Bibek: (y)
[07/03/12 10:25:06 AM] Pushpan Chowdhury: No, your health is down today & Kumar is not absosultely healthly as well. I don't want to add anything to it (angel)
[07/03/12 10:25:44 AM] Suman: @Kolkata you guys should speak now
[07/03/12 10:25:51 AM] Kumar Bibek: Hahaha, Acting as a scrum master eh!!!
[07/03/12 10:25:55 AM] Moumita Ghosh Ball: Neway Suman, Kumar and Sumitra, we are going for a treat today...
[07/03/12 10:25:58 AM] Suman: Take his access card don't let him go until he feeds you guys
[07/03/12 10:25:58 AM] Pushpan Chowdhury: They don't want to continue without U
[07/03/12 10:26:08 AM] Pushpan Chowdhury: I am in full support with them :D
[07/03/12 10:26:09 AM] Moumita Ghosh Ball: it can be a due one for you all...
[07/03/12 10:26:28 AM] Suman: But do take snaps @Moumita that will make us feel better
[07/03/12 10:26:31 AM] Suman: :P
[07/03/12 10:26:45 AM] Moumita Ghosh Ball: Sure:)
[07/03/12 10:26:55 AM] Suman: To be precise when @Pushpan is paying that bill :P
[07/03/12 10:27:26 AM] Pushpan Chowdhury: Crrrrrrr..... the internet is not good here... I......crrrrr am losing you guys........hello....hello.....crrrrrrrrrrr....
[07/03/12 10:27:29 AM] Kumar Bibek:
[07/03/12 10:27:46 AM] Moumita Ghosh Ball: :D
[07/03/12 10:28:03 AM] Pushpan Chowdhury: Skype update: pushpan went offline..
[07/03/12 10:28:22 AM] Suman: @Pushpan because U went to book the restro
[07/03/12 10:29:14 AM] Gour Gopal Nandi: @ Pushpan So we are going out for lunch today
[07/03/12 10:29:16 AM] Pushpan Chowdhury: hahahahahha
Kumar ... don't divert people... most of them are vegiterian ;)