Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Now Google Knows Things Better !

I was going through this in one of the tech blogs and found it amazing to read and thought it would be good to share in here in my own way as Google launched Smart Search for Places.

Specifically, Google knows 50 million places, and when you search for say “cafe coffee day hyderabad” it now shows you a new kind of search result that replaces a list of links with a list of mini-pages for cafe coffee day in the Big Apple with a map on the right. Each mini-page has links to reviews around the web on sites like Citisearch and Yelp, as well as the address and phone number. The mini-profile also has a photo and a algorithmically chosen snippet from a typical review.

More ambiguous queries such as “soccer field” will use the main search, since the user could be trying to learn the official FIFA regulations for a soccer field, not find one to scrimmage on. But Place Search remains an option for all searches, joining the left navigation on Google’s search results, alongside Images, Shopping, News and Video.

The feature is yet another step by the net’s major search engines to use the interface to improve search, rather than tweaking the ranking algorithms or building a bigger index. Bing and Yahoo are already making moves to build pages for “entities.” See, for instance, what Yahoo does for musical artists and Bing creates for entities such as colleges.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Brilliant Presentation on Scrum (Agile Software Development)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Opening for Cake PHP Developers

Hunting for a Cake PHP Developer with strong back end development skills to develop a new web-based ecommerce application. This in an exciting opportunity for a fast paced start-up E-commerce driven venture! 

The Senior PHP Developer will architect and develop/deliver a reliable, flexible, scalable web-based application in a LAMP environment. 
You will work as a part of a cross-functional team including graphic design, UI (junior) developer and project manager. 
You must be quick and accurate, adaptable and flexible to meet changing priorities and timelines. 

Specific responsibilities include:

Develop functional and technical specifications for the online application
Scope and estimate development effort
Develop project plan and time line for development of the application
Serve as project manager for overall development of the project
Build out back end application and database
Lead a junior developer in the build out of the user interface
Perform thorough QA testing including cross-browser/platform compatibility


Bachelors degree in Computer Science
2-3 years experience developing backend and front end technologies: PHP / MySQL, HTML, XHTML, CSS, JQuery and JavaScript development in a LAMP environment
Experience with a wide variety of CMS systems, database and server integration.
Experience working with social network API's such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flicker, Blogs, Myspace etc
Experience Implementing standards for accessibility, SEO and interactivity
Demonstrated experience with coding best practice across all work delivered
Strong understanding of Object Oriented Programming principles
Experience with eCommerce site development
Strong Q/A experience required. 
Sharp, driven, entrepreneurial - previous work in a start up environment is preferred
Ability to work both independently and as a team player.
Ability to manage a heavy workload and prioritize multiple projects.
Flexible to adapt quickly to changing priorities within a very dynamic environment, work under pressure, solve problems and deliver on required timelines. 
Excellent attention to detail.
Strong communication skills, both written and verbal, along with the ability to listen and follow instructions. 
Excellent customer service skills to both internal and external clients.
If you think you are the right person for this job, then send us an email with your CV and a covering letter to jobs@innozon.com or suman.guha@innozon.com also if you have any questions, please feel free to email us at the same address.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Notable Alumni of The University of Glasgow


  • David J Blackwood (BSc 1975) Former Director of BP
  • Ian B Curle (BAcc 1982) Chief Executive, Edrington Group
  • Richard Dixon (BVMS 1993, PhD 2000) Managing Director, Vets Now Ltd
  • Douglas Flint (BAcc 1977) Group Finance Director, HSBC 
  • Fred A Goodwin (LLB 1979, DUniv 2002) Former Group Chief Executive, Royal Bank of Scotland Plc
  • Charles G Hammond (LLB 1982) Chief Executive Officer, Forth Ports
  • Bernard Higgins (BSc 1983) Chief Executive, Tesco Bank
  • Donald P Kaberuka (MPhil 1980) President of the African Development Bank
  • Archibald G P Kane (BAcc 1975) Group Executive Director, Lloyds Banking Group, Insurance & Investments
  • Fiona C McBain (MA 1982) Chief Executive, Scottish Friendly Assurance
  • Brian J McBride (MA 1977) Managing Director, Amazon.co.uk
  • Amanda E McMillan (BAcc 1990) Managing Director, Glasgow Airport
  • David J Thorburn (LLB 1978) Chief Operating Officer, Clydesdale Bank
  • J Wilson Totten (MBChB 1977) Former Chief Executive Officer, ProStrakan
  • Thomas Williams (MBA 1988) MD and General Manager of Airbus

Arts and Media

  • Rhonda M Anderson (LLB 1985) People's Court Judge, Scottish TV
  • David V Anderson (MA 2000)  The Arches New Director of The Year
  • Iain Banks (DLitt 2005) Author
  • John E H Barnes (MA 1995) Political Editor, Scotland on Sunday
  • Nicola D S Barry (MPhil 2004) Journalist, Sunday Express
  • John Binnie (MA 1986) Playwright
  • Cathie Boyd (BA 1993) Theatre Cryptic
  • William A M Boyd (DLitt 2000) Writer
  • Daniel Boyle (MA 1982) Scriptwriter & Author
  • Christopher J Brookmyre (MA 1989) Author 
  • Nicholas H Brooks (MA 2000) Author
  • Paul G Buchanan (MA 1977) Writer; Music  
  • Gerard J Butler (DLitt 1992, Diploma 1993) Actor
  • John Byrne (DLitt 2001) Playwright 
  • Lynsey  Calderwood (MPhil 2004) Author
  • Freda E Churches (MPhil 1998) Author
  • Aileen Clarke (MA 1986) Reporter, BBC Scotland 
  • Andrew Cotter (MA 1996) Broadcaster, BBC Sport
  • Lorne Cousin (MA 1993) Bagpiper
  • Robert Crawford (MA 1981) Poet   
  • Janice L Forsyth (MA 1982) BBC Radio Scotland Presenter
  • Eileen R Gallagher (MA 1981) Chief Executive Shed Productions, Bad Girls and Footballer's Wives
  • Janice Galloway (MA 1978) Author 
  • Rodge P H Glass (MPhil 2003) Author 
  • Katharine M Grant (MA 1997) Journalist, Scotsman and Radio 
  • Jane S Harris (MA 1983) Author
  • Roderick J J Hart (LLB 2001) Singer  
  • Catriona M Harvey (MA 1993) Real Radio Presenter
  • Gregory E Hemphill (MA 1992) Actor
  • Patrick M Kane (MA 1985) Journalist, Frontman of Hue and Cry 
  • Helen MacInnes (MA 1986) Writer
  • Elisabeth A Mahoney (PhD 1995) Journalist, Herald, Guardian
  • Nicola McCartney (MA 1994) Theatre, Director and Writer
  • Kenneth McCluskey (MA 2003) Bluebell's Member
  • Ann McManus (Med 1986) Script Writer Shed Productions
  • Denise A Mina (LLB 1991) Writer 
  • Norma E Moreton (MSc) Diplomatic Editor and Deputy Foreign Editor, The Economist 
  • Sandra M C Mulkeen (MA 1973) Children's Author    
  • Shereen Nanjiani (MA 1983) TV & RadioPresenter    
  • Landon J Napoleon (MPhil 1996) Author   
  • Amy K Neil (MA 2000) Writer     
  • Andrew F Neil (MA 1972) Editor and Broadcaster
  • Fraser A Nelson (MA 1995) Political Editor for The Scotsman 
  • John M Nicolson (MA 1984) ITV news presenter    
  • Neil P Oliver (MA 1988) TV historian - Presented Two men in a trench, Coast
  • Colette Paul (MA 2000) Author
  • Paul Pender (LLB 1974) Writer and Producer
  • Ellen Piercy (MA 2002) Actress
  • Karine A Polwart (MPhil 1996) Singer
  • Graeme A Reedie (MA 1996) Silicone Soul    
  • Gwyneth L Rees (MBChB 1990) Children's Author  
  • Aileen A Ritchie (MA 1985) Film director & TV script writer 
  • Lindsey M Rogerson (MA 1994) Personal Finance Editor The Scotsman
  • Laura M Sayers (MA 2001) Radio One DJ, Producer   
  • John Scanlan (MA 1995, MPhil 1998, PhD 2002) Writer   
  • Amanda C Scott (BVMS 1984)  Author
  • Tracey A Sinclair (MA 1993) Author    
  • Sarah E Smith (MA 1989) Presenter of More4 news (Channel 4) 
  • Zoe Strachan (MA 1996, MLitt 2000) Author
  • Kerry A Tracey (MA 2003) Jazz Pianist     
  • John Tiffany (MA 1994), Associate Director (New work), National Theatre of Scotland
  • Alan Warner (MPhil 1989)  Writer 
  • Graeme Williamson (MA 1995) Author    
  • Lynn F Wood (MA 1968, DLitt 2004) TV presenter, Watchdog; GMTV 
  • Alfred H Young (BSc 1967, DLitt 2003) Policy Editor for the Herald 


  • Wendy C Alexander (MA 1986) MSP  Labour
  • Sarah H Boyack (MA 1983) MSP  Labour
  • Desmond H Browne (LLB 1974) Former Labour MP; Lord Browne of Ladyton 
  • J Vincent Cable, (PhD) MP Lib Dem, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation & Skills
  • Elizabeth A Cameron (MA 1971, DUniv 2006) Former Lord Provost of Glasgow
  • W Menzies Campbell (MA 1962, DUniv 2001) MP Lib Dem
  • Margaret P Curran (MA 1981) MSP/MP Labour
  • Gemma Doyle (MA 2004) MP Labour
  • Fergus S Ewing (LLB 1979) MSP SNP
  • Winifred M Ewing (MA 1949, LLD 1995) Former SNP MP
  • Annabelle J Ewing (LLB 1981) Former SNP MP
  • Linda Fabiani (Diploma in Social Sciences 1988) MSP SNP 
  • Liam Fox (MBChB 1983) MP  Conservative, Secretary of State for Defence
  • James W Gray (MA 1975) MP Conservative
  • Hugh Henry (BAcc 1973) MSP Labour  
  • Fiona J Hyslop (MA 1985) MSP SNP, Secretary for Education
  • William A Jeffrey (BSc 1970), Permanent Undersecretary, Ministry of Defence
  • Charles P Kennedy (MA 1982, DUniv 2001) MP Lib Dem
  • Kamal A Ketuly (MAppSci 1978) Deputy Minister for Human Rights in Iraq
  • Johann M Lamont (MA 1978) MSP Labour
  • Francis  McAveety (PGCE 1984) MSP Labour
  • Anne C McGuire (MA 1971) MP Labour
  • Alasdair N Morgan (MA 1968) MSP  SNP, Deputy Presiding Officer
  • Pamela Nash (MA 2006) MP Labour
  • Bridget  T Prentice (MA 1973) Former Labour MP
  • Shona Robison (MA 1989) MSP SNP
  • Anas Sarwar (BDS 2005) MP Labour
  • Eleanor R Scott (MBChB 1974) Former Green MSP
  • Elaine Smith (PGCE 1993) MSP Labour
  • Nicola Sturgeon (LLB 1992, Diploma 1993) MSP SNP, Deputy First Minister 
  • Edward (Teddy)  M Taylor (MA 1958) Former Conservative MP
  • N Murray Tosh (MA 1972) Former Conservative MSP
  • Andrew P Welsh (MA 1971) MSP SNP
  • Eilidh Whiteford (MA 1991) MP SNP 


  • Sir Iain Anderson (BSc 1959, PhD 1962) formerly board member Unilever
  • Allan Baxter (PhD 1976, DSc 2006) Senior Vice President GlaxoSmithKline
  • Sir Kenneth Collins (BSc 1965, DSc 2009) formerly Chairman Scottish Environmental Protection Agency
  • Peter Doyle (BSc 1960, PhD 1963, DSc 1992) formerly Research and Technology Director ICI Pharmaceuticals
  • Alison Garrity (BSc 1994) Director of Development National Geographic Television and Film
  • Hugh Grant (BSc 1980) President and Chief Executive Monsanto
  • Howard T Jacobs (PhD 1981) Winner of the Descartes Prize (EU Nobel Prize)
  • Andrew Jamieson (BSc 1969, PhD 1972) Executive Vice President Gas and Projects Shell
  • Douglas Jolly (BSc 1969, PhD 1972) President and Chief Operating Officer Advantagene
  • Colin McInnes (BSc 1988, PhD 1991) Aerospace Engineer, world authority on solar sailed spacecraft and consultant to NASA, Young Alumnus of the Year Winner 2004
  • Stefanie Meredith (BSc 1975) Public Health Partnerships Director International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations
  • George  Saridakis (BSc 1993) Designer of Ford Supercar 
  • Keenan Smart (DSc 2003) Head of Natural History Film Division National Geographic Television and Film
  • Ian P Sword (BSc 1964, PhD 1969, DSc 2008) formerly Chairman Inveresk Research Group Inc
  • Rosemary J Versteegen (BSc 1970, PhD 1974) Partner Lifia Group


  • Lord Iain Bonomy (LLB 1968, LLD 2006) Judge 
  • Lady Hazel J Cosgrove (LLB 1966, LLD 2002, DUniv 2004) retired judge
  • J Ross Harper (MA 1956, DUniv 2002) retired lawyer 
  • Rt Hon Lord Alexander A M Irvine of Lairg (MA 1960, LLD 1997), House of Lords 
  • Robert L Martin QC (LLB 1971) Dean of Faculty of Advocates 
  • Professor Vanessa Munro (LLB 1997, PhD 2001), Professor of Socio-Legal Studies, Nottingham University
  • Hon Lady Ann Paton (MA 1972, LLB) Senator of the College of Justice at the Court of Session 
  • Rt Hon Lord George W Penrose QC (MA 1959,  LLB 2000, LLD) Judge 
  • Rt Hon Lord Alan F Rodger of Earlsferry (MA 1964, LLD LLB 1995), House of Lords


  • John R Beattie (BSc 1980) Former Scottish Rugby International Captain
  • Mark Beaumont (MA 2006) record breaking round the world cyclist
  • Colin J L Bryce (BSc 1997) Winter Olympic Bobsleigh Crew
  • Donald  A Cameron (BSc 1961, DEng 2000, DBA 2001) Balloonist
  • Derek G Casey (MA 1972) Led Glasgow's bid for 2014 Commonwealth Games  
  • Gillian H Cooke (BSc 2004) Pole Vaulter
  • Katherine J Grainger (LLB 1997, MPhil 2001) Winner of Olympic Silver medal in 2000 for quadruple sculls 
  • Hayley Haining (BVMS 1995, MVM 2001; PhD 2004) Marathon Runner
  • Catriona A Morrison (BSc 1998) Triathlon in Commonwealth Games 2006
  • Euan Murray (BVMS 2003) Rugby Player, British Lions and Scottish National Team
  • John R A Rattray (BSc 2001) Professional Skateboarder
  • Emma C Richards (BSc 1996) Yachtswoman